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There are an infinite number of products on the market, and we have whittled that down to 6 batteries which we believe offer excellent efficiency, durability and longevity. Some batteries offer better value for money, whilst other batteries longer lifespans. Each battery has its benefits and drawbacks and what will be suitable for one home, could be inappropriate for another home. If you are thinking about installing solar battery storage then we advise booking a consultation.

We’ll be able to ascertain your needs and identify the perfect solar battery storage for your system. So get in touch with us today at AEC.



Solar Battery Storage in Scotland and UK


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 Solar Battery Storage Options

We are always honest here at AEC. In our opinion, these 6 brands of solar battery storage offer the best durability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. We will never recommend that you buy anything unless we believe that it will really give your home real value. During consultations, we will draw upon all of our knowledge and know-how to help you identify the perfect solar battery for your home.

Not sure on the best option for your home or business? Get in touch to arrange a consultation today.

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The Pylon battery is affordable, dependable and modular, so you can increase/build upon your storage year upon year. The Pylon solar battery can be supplied with an AC coupled or DC coupled system.




 Solar Battery Storage in Scotland and UK




The BYD battery is tried and tested and could be described as a ‘workhorse’. BYD batteries are found across China and are affordable and modular. Like the Pylon battery, BYD can be supplied with an AC coupled or DC coupled system.







VARTA batteries are produced in Germany and come from a company with over 130 years of experience in the energy market. Reliable and consistent, VARTA batteries come with a warranty of 7 years. They are very quick to install and can increase self-consumption by up to 80%.







Sonnen is another battery that is produced in Germany. Attractively designed, durable and available in a range of sizes, the Sonnen will complement any home. The Sonnen range of batteries last for around 10 years and offer great value for money. They have also created The Sonnen Community, a vision for the future in which we can use and share energy in a fairer and cleaner way. Find out more by clicking here






LG have been producing energy products for over 22 years and are recognised as industry leaders. LG batteries are a more high end product which are normally installed with a Solaredge Inverter. They offer powerful performance combined with excellent durability and efficiency.





Enphase offer the most expensive solar batteries on the market. For that, you will get one of the lightest batteries with a warranty that will stretch to over 25 years. It is also the first battery of its kind to receive UL 9540 system certification.



Frequently Asked Questions



Do the batteries come with a warranty?

All of the batteries that we install will come with a warranty, how long it is will depend on the product purchased. The minimum warranty will be at least 5 years.

Is AEC trained to install any battery?

We are registered installers for all the batteries that we fit, in some cases an advanced installer and have attended the relevant training courses. Take a look at our  LinkedIn for more information.

How much energy can each battery hold?

The smallest battery that can be purchased is the Enphase battery which has a capacity of 1.2 kWh. The biggest battery is the BYD Battery Box HV (LiFeP04) battery which can hold 11.52 kWh.


Is it possible to use a solar battery without solar panels?

Yes, the fact that an AC coupled storage system can be charged completely with energy supplied by the grid means that the property doesn't even need a PV system.


If you’re area is regularly afflicted with power cuts, a solar battery will enable you to store energy from your supplier and turn on the electricity when an outage occurs. If you are on a time-of-use Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff, you’ll be able to charge your battery during off peak times, and make use of it at peak times.



If you would like to book a consultation to find out more about solar battery storage, get in touch with us at AEC